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Whiskeys Of Ireland
*All whiskeys served neat or on the rocks!*

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Jameson 4 Year
Light bodied. Delicate floral aroma. Smooth and clean.

Jameson 12yr 1780
Full bodied, rich woody aromas, Bourbon like sweetness. A rich mature and mellow style.

Jameson Gold
A blend of 3 well aged whiskeys, creaminess, honey sweetness together create a spicy character, a smooth complex whiskey.

Jameson 18 Year
Wonderfully mellow, smooth, complex flavours of fudge and toffee, hints of wood and leather, gentle sherry nuttiness and vanilla

Tullamore Dew 6 Year
Medium bodied. Combined with charred wood undertones and the natural flavor of golden barley.

Bushmills 4 Year
Light bodied. Reminiscent of dried tropical fruit. With a subtle sherry nose.

Black Bush 10 Year
Full bodied - Aromas reminiscent of fresh sea air, Rich flavors of molasses and chocolate.

Paddy Old Irish 7 Year
One of the "softest" whiskeys, triple distilled, particularly light well balanced and pure.

Origine Irish Whiskey
Golden amber, medium body with a nice edge.

Full of fruit aroma with a citrus spiciness.

Knappogue Castle 15 Year
This is one of the only "single malt" Irish Whiskeys. Pale golden in color. Mellow and well rounded, medium intensity with a sweet complex taste.

Powers Gold Label
Flavorful with sweet vanilla, chocolate, a slight wood taste and the slightest herbal undertones.

RedBreast 12 Year
Copper colored, full bodied. Begins fruity and sweet but, quickly turns robust and full. Does Irish whiskey get any better than this?

Redbreast 15 Year
Single pot still whiskey, more robust than the 12 yr, nutty toffee, black raspberry, chocolaty, caramel tone, spicy finish, velvety feel.

Redbreast 21 Year
Oldest expression from Redbreast, combination of malted and unmalted barley matured in a mixture of bourbon barrels and first-fill oloroso casks, resulting in a rich and complex whiskey.

Middleton Very Rare
The most exclusive whisky ever produced in Ireland. Carefully aged in individually chosen oak casks. Available only in strictly limited quantities. Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by the master distiller as a final guarantee of outstanding quality.

Green Spot
Single pot still whiskey, spicy and soft, gentle bourbon oak, green wood, creamy long finish.

Good body with honeyed sweetness and malt. The finish is short with oaked dryness.