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~From The Raw Bar~

The best oysters in the world come from the Damariscotta River. Each oyster is hand harvested and shucked to order.

Our commitment to you:

Oysters are expertly shucked and presented traditionally on an iced platter within 5 minutes of opening.

Oysters are harvested in their season from certified clean waters.
Oysters are received directly from farms that are farming on the Damariscotta River.
Oysters are documented by tags indicating harvest location and date.
Our oyster farmers pay the utmost attention to carefully growing and harvesting oysters while respecting the environment, animals and waters of the Damariscotta River.

Served with lemon & our special cocktail sauce

Oysters on the half shell
Half dozen ... $17.99
Minimum order(3) ... $9
Each additional ... $3

Oysters Rockefellar ... $19
Our version of a true classic

Skillet Roasted Oysters ... $18
A 1/2 dozen Damariscotta River Oysters, roasted in the shell with Eider's Newburg, topped with bread crumbs and parmesan

Shrimp Cocktail ... $15

King's "Select"ion ... $39
8 Damariscotta Select Oysters, and 8 Steamed and Chilled Shrimp
Treat yourself like a King!

Mary & The Gang ... $17
Our unrivaled spicy Bloody Mary paired with your choice of: 3 Oysters or 3 Shrimp

Conner & The Gang ... $15
A pint of Guinness paired with your choice of: 3 Oysters or 3 Shrimp

Horseradish Oyster Shooter
A 1/2 dozen oysters served with a shot of Split Rock Distilling Organic Horseradish Vodka ... $27

"Give me oysters and beer everyday of the year and I'll be fine" J. Buffett

*The State of Maine would like you to know that the consumption of raw or undercooked food may increase the risk of food borne illness.

Damariscotta River Oysters - American Oysters

The Damariscotta River is a tidal estuary - a body of water that is a combination of both salt and fresh water.

shucking an oyster

Oysters are mollusks (also called bivalve), which is a type of shellfish with a soft body inside hard shells connected by a hinge.

plate of oysters with sauce

Oysters live on the ocean floor and siphon seawater into their bodies and filter out algae for food. They can filter up to 4 gallons of water per hour.
1 serving of oysters has 3 times more iron than a serving of beef or chicken.

Our oysters start life at Muscongus Bay Aquaculture Hatchery. The "seed" oysters are then moved to screened containers that float and finally to larger floating bags to grow for approximately two years or until they are ready to be harvested.

Oyster info from "Farming on the Sea" by Kellie Peters

oysters with a glass of beer