The Pub

Come and visit us at King Eider’s Pub in the heart of the coastal village of Damariscotta. Our historic building has been home to many interesting businesses over its 100+ years. Today, its warmth draws the visitor into the first floor pub with its brick walls, handsome cherry floors and low beams hung with old iron hooks holding handmade mugs. Fill one of those mugs with handcrafted brews from right here in Maine or England, Ireland or one of many renowned breweries in between! And what to pair that frosty mugful with? Our extensive menu and daily offerings of native seafood, steaks, cuts from our butcher and fresh produce will provide you with just the right pairing.

Step upstairs to our warm and very comfortable dining room and peruse a “wine lovers” wine list, the same extensive menu and hand made desserts that can only be called “divine”.

Our oyster bar is aptly named for the local Damariscotta River oysters that are served here in the intimate little bar and those oysters will quite literally spoil you for any other – anywhere!

So be it in the Pub – up a few steps to the Oyster Bar or up a few more steps to the Dining Room – you will be stepping up to the most fresh, creative and comfortable dining in the Mid Coast. From our butcher, local farms, the beautiful Damariscotta River and the cold Atlantic waters, we work enthusiastically to bring you the best of today’s Maine in a welcoming old village setting.

King Eider’s Pub - Locally Sourced and Green Behind the Scene...Our concern for the environment right here in Damariscotta.

Local—where our food comes from, the environment we protect every day and the community we support with our dollars and time!

Green—composting, recycling, sourcing green and energy conservation.

Think Globally, Act and Buy Locally—We do! (and we have since 2003) and it works.

Home of New England’s Finest Crab Cakes And Everything a Pub should be.

What People Say About Us

“A cozy spot in the heart of Damariscotta, to enjoy lunch and dinner and the village’s renowned oysters”
Maine Sunday Telegram

“Excellent Seafood and Chowders as well as brews”
Boston Globe

“The Pub with its brick walls and low wooden beams is a classic. You may never find another spot as warm and cozy to enjoy a meal”
Maine Sunday Telegram

“King Eider’s is a treat”
Maine Sunday Telegram

“One of the hottest businesses in town”
Powderhouse Productions (Tech TV)

“Not Just another Restaurant”
Coastal Journal